The road awaits

I’m looking forward. I’m looking at 650 miles from Southampton to Aberdeen. It’s a long road…VERY LONG ROAD! What’s ahead? Who really knows?!

This new adventure, starting on January 1st, will change my life. I’ve started many new ventures these past few years, and all have paid off. All have resulted in a happier me. A more thankful me. A self-discovered me.

My year of fundraising is going to be crazy! I know it will be! I’m preparing as much as I can, but until I start on January 1st and take each day as it comes, how will I know what’ll happen?


It’s scary. It’s scary knowing I’ll probably have a different outlook when I’m on the road. It’s ‘REAL’! It’s ‘HONEST’! For the majority of the route, it’s just me. Me, the road and a £10,000 target.

You can donate here to the walk. 

30 days on the road, an average of 20 miles a day, and one rucksack. I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s going to be an experience. I’m going to learn so much en route.


This is what I’m excited for. As well as meeting loads of bloggers I’m yet to meet, spend some time with old friends and make some new ones in the places I stay, I’m excited to test my passion. I’m excited to put one step forward each time to thank Pavilion on the Park for starting this life-changing journey with me.

Who would have thought someone with a misconception about volunteering would be doing this?

It were the actions as a volunteer, the things I saw, heard, that inspired me to do this. There’s far too many people in the UK who need help. There’s far too much conflict happening in this country for the real importance to be noticed.

People are suffering!! People are calling out for help and nothing is happening!!

If I can help raise awareness, then 2018 is all worth it. I want people to know they have a voice. By speaking up collectively, we can make a noise. My fundraising challenges are my noise! I want my story to be heard. I want to hear stories as a result.

I have a platform to use. ‘The story of John Sennett’ is about to go big! The stories are about to get really personal. You’ll see me smile. You’ll see me cry. You’ll see the struggle. I’ll also share with you the highlights.


Tomorrow, I’ll share with you how I planned my 2018, and on Tuesday, you’ll find out what my 2018 really looks like *spoiler* 2 project reveals *spoiler*


Once again, if you’d like to donate to my 650 mile walk; big or small, you can via the link below;

Donate here




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