It’s all becoming very real

Earlier today, I announced my FULL 2018 FUNDRAISING SCHEDULE!

Knowing my plans are now out for all to see, and with 2018 edging closer, it’s all becoming very real! I now only have 1 day off (Christmas Day) for the rest of the year, as I attempt to plan as much as I can before the craziness begins!


Receiving an email yesterday as well confirming a world record attempt application has been accepted, has only added to the tension. I have around 12 weeks to plan this; knowing 4 weeks will involve my 650 mile walk, I’m going to have to muster up my previous experience of setting a world record to make this a success!

I’m feeling good about everything. Everything is coming together nicely. I’m thinking positively. I’m thinking about the future. I’m thinking about why I’m doing all of this.


For far too long, I felt alone, unheard and voiceless. I’M NO LONGER THAT PERSON!!! I have a voice I’m using. I have a passion I’m amplifying. I have the belief I can make 2018 a success! IT WILL BE A SUCCESS!!

I know I’m ambitious. When I first decided on doing this big fundraising year, I knew I had something to prove. Not many people would try it. I am though. I set the £100,000 target, as I knew it was possible. I know each challenge is possible! It may take a lot of work, but that’s what I want.


The months of preparation hasn’t been for nothing. It’s to help. It’s to bring people together. Create a movement of voices. 2018 has a bigger message than just my story. It’s an opportunity for ‘our’ story to be shared. To be heard. To be used.

Everything might feel real right now, but that’s life. Anything can happen to any of us at any given time. 2018…anything can happen.


I’m excited about it. I’m also nervous. 2018 is new. It’s going to be a REAL education.

I’m looking forward to sharing the year with you.


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