I can’t believe it’s nearly here!

6 months of planning has gone into what’s going to be a life-changing year.

Next Friday, the 22nd of December, it becomes real. For the first time publicly, my FULL SCHEDULE will be live on the blog, with each challenge being shared.

It’s sinking in that I won’t be the same person when I start on January 1st 2018, and finish on December 24th 2018.

The goals I’ve set out involve sharing parts of my life I’ve never shared, entering new territory i.e. being in a kayak, travelling with no money etc, and testing myself in ways I’ve never been tested.


I’m learning constantly to juggle my time. I’m planning all 11 challenges the best I can right now, in hope, I can have enough rest between each challenge. With an average 20 days between challenge (2 challenges only have 10 days!), planning is going to be tight.

I haven’t chosen easy challenges!

I’m really pushing it! £100,000 is no easy target, so the challenges have had to reflect this. During the last 6 months, I’ve been thinking about what challenges best match my story. Short? Long? Cycling? Walking? Unique? Ordinary?


Finding out what works best with my story hasn’t been easy. Some challenges have only been confirmed this past week, and that’s because I’ve wanted to make sure they’re the best fit.

  • Do these challenges best represent my story?
  • Are they possible?
  • Can I do them justice?


I have 15 days now until it all starts. 15 DAYS!!! 3 of them, well the next 3 are going to be my last days off before the madness begins. For the next 3 days, I’m spending some quality time with my loved ones. (No blogs, social media posts or emails)

Ice Skating, a night away, mini-golf, an early Christmas present exchange, meals out and a trip to the Panto are going to give me my final break.

I’m ready for this! Mentally, physically, I’m feeling good! I’m feeling ready. I AM READY!! Let’s do this!! Let’s do this for those who feel alone. Let’s do this for those who want a voice. Let’s do this for everyone who feels judged. Who has had their life questioned. Who has their doubters. Who has their haters.


I’m doing 2018 for me! I’m doing 2018 for those who’ve ever been through/might currently be going through similar experiences I’ve been through.

Together we can do something magical. £100,000 is the target, but let’s do more! Let’s smash it!

You can donate to my 650 mile walk here.



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