Don’t hide it, use it!

The past is best left in the past, right?

A few years, months, days, even hours; isn’t it best to just forget the past? I’m a firm believer in the past is our biggest weapon. Moments of self-loathing, family trauma, whatever the tough period you may or may not have gone through has power.

Experiences have meaning. Our actions have purpose. When I was bullied, I wanted to end my life. I’m still here. I learned from what happened, and I’m sharing it. I’m being honest with myself. I’m loving myself through the understanding I have from every life experience.

My mum battled breast cancer.

My sister had a stroke.

My best friend is visually impaired.

Hospital appointments, days out to London, what use are they? Every day we learn something new. From the hospital appointments, I learned more about the processes families go through when a loved one is battling cancer. I’ve shared them on here. I openly speak up about my mum’s breast cancer battle, as a single experience can help someone. The fear, the worry, the tears all play a part. It’s tough at the time, but some time after, you begin to understand.

Every time I think about my best friend’s visual impairment, I remember when we first met. I remember not really speaking to him. I was worried I’d say something out of line. What do visually impaired people find offensive? Should I really think like that? How do I guide them?

We have to remember life can be scary. When we start something new, it is daunting. I’ve never done anything like my 2018 fundraising plans, yet I’m going for it. Deep down I worry, and that’s ok. It’s ok for me to be scared, as it’s the unknown.


You only really learn once you’ve tried. I was sceptical about volunteering, and yet 3500 hours later, I learned a lifetime’s worth of knowledge. I learned more about myself than I would have in employment. I was able to get deep into a cause and understand what other people go through; the struggles and high.

I love being so open on here. I love being able to use my past to my advantage. I look at it as life experience. I think about my past as my journey. Journey’s progress. Journey’s sometimes go backwards. That’s ok. It’s ok for that to happen.

What’s better is using it.

The highs – Are we taking pictures? Are we sharing our experiences on social media?

The lows – Are we talking to people? Writing down our thoughts? Hiding away from the world?

We’re individuals. Our journey’s are our own. What we do with it is our own choice. How we live our lives are down to us.

Bullying, suicide, a crappy education, they all happened. But I’m John Sennett!! I don’t let my past get the last laugh. I have weaponry. I have an arsenal of experiences to share. I’m no longer hiding from the world. I have a voice. I have my direction in life.

Just don’t give up. That’s my advice. Know everything in life can be used for good. Sometimes it just takes a while for us to know that.



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