The pressure got to me

I haven’t been myself lately. I’ve felt lost. Confused. I’ve been questioning who I am? I worked out, that my 2018 fundraising plans were bringing me down.

Despite the excitement leading up to the life-changing year; for me, and others, the pressure got to me. I started to overthink.

  • Will I complete the 650 mile walk?
  • How will my body cope with the stress of going from challenge to challenge, with an average of only 20 days between each?
  • Is my £100,000 target too ambitious? Is it doable?

I’ve accepted that I’ll have periods like this over the course of the year. I’m aware there’ll be challenges I’ll be unable to plan for. I can only do so much. I’ll learn as I go.

As soon as January 1st is here, things change. The blog posts slightly change. My outlook in life will change. I’ll be doing more media work. I’ll be doing less blog collaborations. Less tweets. Less social media activity.

I’m doing my best to keep up. During my recent meltdown, I thought it was best to stay away from the blog. I needed time out. It helped. Someone very dear to me helped (you know who you are!).

I needed a break. Will I get one next year? Who knows. All these challenges require a lot of work. I’m planning for challenges in September, October and later already, as every contact helps. Every new connection will bring another opportunity. I need these opportunities. I need support. My fundraising pages require donations.

The tweets. The direct messages. They’re all going to help. Parts of the walk, I’m alone. When I’m in a wheelchair in March, it’s just me and the track. *I was just about to reveal some more challenges, but I’ll let you find out my full schedule on Friday 22nd December*

I might be solely raising £100,000, but it’s a community effort. I have people walking with me during certain parts of my walk (contact me, if you’d like to), others I’ll be staying with (contact me, if you have a spare sofa or bed – still need places). Groups and companies are supporting other challenges. 2018 wouldn’t be possible without all the support. It feeds my hunger. It gives me more drive.

It just got overwhelming recently. The closer we get to 2018, the more I worry. The more excited I am as well. I’m letting myself feel what I feel. I need to know why things are happening. I want to have understanding for when I do something exciting in 2019 with my 2018 plans. *Shhhhhhh, it’s a secret!*

I am feeling good again. I’m feeling motivated once more for what’s ahead. I would say sorry for my disappearance, but that’s me. I was being myself at a time of need. This is what I want ‘The story of John Sennett’ to focus on. I don’t want to be positive all the time. I want to share the lows. Life isn’t always great. There’s moments where we want to hide away from the world. Moments where we want to shout from the rooftops.

Let’s just be ourselves. Self-love is important. I’m sensitive. I’m also vocal. My DNA is my DNA. It’s what makes me John Sennett.

John Sennett is back and he’s ready to change the world!


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