Writing is my therapy

Writing helps me to think. It helps me to understand. I love writing as I can type out my feelings.

As someone who kept themselves to themselves for many years, when I started blogging in 2014, I felt life was much easier. I felt I could get my thoughts onto the screen, and from that, learn how to speak about them confidently in person.

When I started opening up more, I began to notice a change. I started to see the benefits it had on my mental health and the way I expressed myself in person, to my family and friends and with the media.

Speaking with the media recently, made me realise the impact writing really has had on me. It’s been a journey to feel comfortable speaking about my past, but writing allows me the freedom to just say what I need. There’s no barriers in writing. It’s just you and the screen.

Typing away my thoughts, gave me the chance to read back what happened. During times when my mum was battling cancer, I was being bullied, I took myself away from the real world. Writing puts us in the centre of the world, and the message travels; our stories are heard.


That’s why I love writing. It’s why I believe it’s the best therapy. We can type away, and we don’t even have to click publish. We can keep the writing to ourselves. We can take our time, if we decide to share it. Writing really has a freedom you can’t get with anything else.

I’ve shared lately that I don’t feel like myself. I’ve struggled speaking about them to those I love. I turned to writing. Writing helps me to express my feelings. It helps me to embrace them. Feelings are a natural part of day to day life, so by taking a little bit of time out every day, it helps us to progress. It helps us to understand what happened. It gives us time to move on.


Yesterday was different to today. Tomorrow will be different to today. As each day passes, we learn more about ourselves from the experiences we live. Building up to 2018, my emotions are all over the place. It’s a big year. It’s life-changing. Writing will help. Writing will help me to share what I’m experiencing. It’ll also be a friend to me when I want to share dark thoughts.

2018 will be a rollercoaster, but I’m excited to share my feelings each day with you all.



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