Mind vs Physical Training

What’s it like to walk 13 miles without no training?

What about combining several aspects of physical activity?

My body has had to adapt to the unexpected. Hill walks. Swimming. What’s after January will be brutal?? Is my body ready? More importantly…is my mind ready?

We all believe the physical part of training is the key to get our legs moving. It’s true. I have some seriously long days in January, and my training over the last 6 months will help. But, I’ve had to also train the mind.

I’ve had to make quick decisions. I’ve pushed through the pain. Not always though. I think we all look at the final outcome. £100,000 is my outcome. It’s the goal leading into 2018.

I’m accepting how my mind feels though. We all try to push through things. We all try to go further than we’ve gone before. What happens on days our mind isn’t up to it? Do we give up? Stop completely? Have a rest day? Push through it, and hope our mind will be more positive at the end?

Leading up to January, I’ve taken days off; when really I should have been training. To me, it helped. Sometimes, your body needs extra rest. Sometimes, your mind really isn’t up to it. It’s OK to take time off. It’s OK to say today isn’t my day.

I find doing alternatives to what I was meant to do helps. A few weeks ago, rather than going for a walk, I went for a cycle. I was still moving. I was still training. My mind didn’t know what to do,  but I still done it.

Do you get what I mean? Just because you have a goal, doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself along the way.

This is a top priority for me. I need to take care of my body. I need to also take care of my mind. 11 challenges is a challenge in itself. Not many people would try this. It’s unique to me. Every challenge has it’s own meaning.

2018 meaning = Accepting what happened in the past and using it to influence action.

That’s my fuel. Whether I’m in the pool, pounding the streets or in the gym, my past is my motivation. It’s the stories from when I was a child I’ll be sharing. Those stories are my mental wellbeing. I could have hid from the world, and kept them to myself. I didn’t though. I kept moving forward. OK, it took me a while, but it was all in my own time.

February – July to me is the real test. Gym, walking, swimming, cycling, wheelchair marathon training; the impact will be significant. The impact on my body is unknown. I know it’ll hurt. I know I’ll want to quit. 5 disciplines is flipping tough. Who in their right mind does this?

I DO!!!

I believe in my capabilities. I believe in my passion. I believe in my goals.



“One Goal. One Journey. One Man.”


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