Listening to my heart

I’m listening to my heart. I’m listening to it’s wants to do more. My heart has grown fond of helping others, and it’s pining for change. Change I’ve never faced. An unknown only truly understood when it’s conquered.

Time is ticking down. With every blog post, my year of fundraising is edging closer. Questions are now being asked if it’s all possible? One challenge would be enough for one person, yet it’s not close to the impact I want.

I want to spread a message. I want my heart to lead my mind and body. I know what I want. I can see it, but I can’t yet feel it.


I know standing at the start of my walk on January 1st, my heart will be uncontrollable. The feelings I’ll feel will be like no other. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. To spread a message. A message of love. A message of self-belief.

My heart has gotten me to this point. It’ll be mad not to take it further.

Like how I feel right now. I can feel my heart beating as I type this up. I know it’s expecting the unexpected. All the planning. All the training. Nothing truly prepares you for the first few steps. It’s all new to me. Fundraising is quickly becoming a new love.

My story have messages. Collective stories are waiting to be told. I’ll start it off, and someone will join. People react to loves. People love to hear a story. When someone has been knocked down and yet, still achieve incredible things, that’s the best kind of stories.

We’re strong network of people. Together we unite to feed off each other’s energy. Energy is our excitement. The excitement to express.

I’ll be expressing myself through the love of sport. Sport will help me to tell my story in ways I’ve never told. Are you ready for this? Are you ready for some deep and personal stories? Because I am.



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