I have ‘unlimited’ potential

There’s nothing stopping me. Why should it? I believe in myself. I have the ideas. I have no limit. I have ‘unlimited’ potential!

Words are just words. I heard, “you have potential” too much!! ONLY I KNOW WHAT I’M CAPABLE OF!


I’m finding that out. I thought an end was close, but I’m proving myself wrong. I’m taking on a kind of pressure I’m not used to.

12 months. 11 challenges. £100,000. Potentially 4+ world record attempts. It’s a big task. Many would fail, but I won’t.


I have the voice.

I have the passion.

I have the heart.

The heart is my ‘unlimited’ potential. I’ve already done things I didn’t think was possible, but I want more. I want to keep testing the limits. I want to find out if there is a stop.


How will I find it? What will I do? How will I do them? 2018 is only the start! I’m not settling for the norm. I want my story to be MY STORY! I want my fundraising to highlight parts of MY STORY to inspire people to tell theirs.

Potential is in all of us. How we use it is up to us! What we do with it is up to us! I’m using it to help others. I’m using it to express my feelings. Feelings speak louder than words. Say something with passion, people react.

What’s going to happen when those feelings are turned into actions? My ‘unlimited’ potential will show!



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