2018 is only the start

Is this it?

Is my 2018 my final idea?

I can’t let an opportunity slip through my fingers. I’d be mad wouldn’t I? I’d be an idiot to turn my back? My body? Mind? How will they cope?

Where do I stand?

What about stopping?

There has to be an end?

I don’t see it. I certainly don’t feel it. I can do more. I will do more.

Speaking up. Creating discussions. Not settling for the norm.

I want impact.

I want community.

I want unity.

Stereotypes are there to be broken. Stories are there to be told. Experiences are there to be shared.


My 650 mile walk could inspire people to get active. The thank you message behind the challenge could inspire people to volunteer.

I have to do this! People need to be helped. People need to know they’re not alone.

Bullying, cancer, the stories still waiting to be told; they’re part of much more than my 2018 plans.

I have no limitations. I have no end point.

I will do what I can. I will share what I can.

I’m one person. One person full of hope.

Fingers crossed, it’ll lead to a life of helping others.



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