Beyond my expectations

I never anticipated to be doing this. I didn’t think volunteering would open up a pathway. I said I’d volunteer for a month. I thought I’d move on after. How could I? How could I step away when others are in need? I had to do more.

In recent meetings and phone calls with the press, I mentioned how I never expected to be doing what I’m doing now. I didn’t even think volunteering would be worth my time. How that’s now changed? How my life has changed since giving my time to the community?

It was a moment recently, that made me remember this. My journey has been full of highs. Also full of lows. Yet, I’m still powering on with what I believe. I’m not finishing what I started. It’s far from over.


2018 is only a glimpse into my ambitions. I have more plans being made. I want to do the most I can. Why would I stop? I’m having an impact. I’m inspiring change. I’m influencing actions.

My 2018 plans will influence further actions. I want to inspire more people to speak up. I’d love for my story to help others share theirs. Discussions are needed. We need to represent the meaning of community.

It was the feeling of community that drove my passion for volunteering. It later inspired my passion for personal stories. I love hearing people’s triumphs. I love hearing how people have turned their low moments to inspirational actions.

It’s the glimmer of inspiration that brings people together. It’s the thought of “I can do this!” or “I want to do this”, that unites. Uniting people from all walks of life was a major factor to these plans. I’ve seen volunteering do this. I want to take it further. I want to turn what I learned as a volunteer into a …. (can you fill in the blank?)

I might be exceeding my expectations. I might be giving nearly 5 more years that I first anticipated, but what do I do? I can’t stop! I won’t stop!! I want to push boundaries. I want to break stereotypes.

I once believed a stereotype. I thought volunteering was a waste of time.

Volunteering has gotten me to this point. I combined my passions, my influences, and my understandings to create my 2018 plans. Plans that next week will be fully released. You’ll soon find out who the 11 charities are. Who are they? What part of my life represents their outlook? What moment in my life will I be telling?


Maybe, just maybe, 2018 will be beyond my expectations.



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