Why I promote sharing your story

I once stayed quiet. I didn’t feel like me. I hid. I cried. I stayed away from friends. I learned that wasn’t the way to go. I struggled at the time, and it’s now the past, but it’s my story. It’s part of my journey. This is why I promote sharing your story.

Someone out there will relate. Someone out there will want to read. Others will want to watch. Life has significance. Life has purpose. We’re not alone on this planet. We can help. We can support. Our journey shows us how. Our journey shows us what works best for us. It also shows what works best for others.

We won’t know what works, unless we try. Accept and share. Take on board the lows and highs, and understand. Understand why. Why do these things happen? Why do they happen to me?


Was it my surroundings? Was it the people I’m hanging around with? Was it meant to be?

Bullying was a tough time for me. It went on for years. I was bullied at school; pupils and teachers. I was also bullied in the workplace. I felt a burden. I felt irrelevant.

I now understand the feelings. I understand what happened. I don’t know why it did, but I now have something to share.

I also have a suicide story to share. I wanted to kill myself. I wanted no more. I didn’t want to be here. Life got too much.

Did my mum’s cancer battle play to that? Was it also my sister’s stroke? The passing of my nan?

Every experience has a voice. There’s someone behind it. I’m behind it. I feared the worst as a child, but I now stand strong. I stand strong knowing what I’d been through. I stand strong knowing I’m now sharing it.

It was hard at first. I didn’t want eyes to be on me. That’s not a bad thing though. People want to learn. People want to support. We learn when we listen. Imagine that. You share your story and others listen.

Small steps lead to movements. Movements collect voices. They shout from the rooftops. They break stereotypes. That’s my mission in 2018. It’s my mission in life. Never fear the unknown and you are the unknown!!


We don’t know who we are until we experience something. I experienced bullying and I’m raising funds for Ditch the Label (have you seen today’s challenge announcement? see it here.). My sister was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease and now I’m taking on a marathon of a challenge (read all about it here).

The past is the past, but it has influence on our futures. My past is my current and future influence. That’s my decision to tell it. Will you tell yours?


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