Dark moments. Inspirational actions.

I accept what happened in the past. I don’t have any grudges. Things happened. That’s it. I didn’t have control then. I do now! I have the strength. I have the hunger.

My thoughts of suicide are no more. The dark moments are my influence. My actions are the story-teller.

One experience, loaded with thoughts. Those thoughts drive the actions. They help me to share my story. It’s now being told. My story is my voice. My voice is the focus.

What happened happened. I now that now. Spending years helping others, gave me hope. Hope I cherish. I cherish what happened. Weird, I know, but I wouldn’t be doing what I’m now doing without the dark moments.

I have fuel. I have the ideas. I’m putting them into action.

My dark moments will lead me into 2018. They’ll be told when there’s struggle. They’ll be told when I stand proud.

A dark moment is a dark moment.

We all have an opportunity to turn them into light. 2018 is my light. It’s my chance. It’s my moment. I will make good use of it. I will do myself proud. I’ll do my family proud.

2018, are you ready for me? Are you ready to tell my story?


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