50 days to gooooo!

50 days time, everything changes. My life changes forever.

I’ll be standing at The Bargate in Southampton, ready to take on the biggest challenge of my life…

650 miles!! ON FOOT!!

650 miles30 days

Walking from Southampton to Aberdeen, I’ll be on a mission to say a massive thank you to the first charity I volunteered with. It’s thanks to them I started to see something in myself, and I decided I want to do something in return.

650 miles on foot is no mean feat. It’s going to test me; physically and mentally. It’s going to test every ounce of passion I have for helping others.

I NEED YOUR HELP THOUGH!! I want to raise £10,000 to say thank you. I want more people in Eastleigh and the surrounding areas to have access to activities. I want more people across the UK as well to know the benefits of volunteering. Volunteering helped me to understand who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.

If you’ve been a follower on here for a while, you’ll know the impact volunteering has had on me. You would have also seen the impact my volunteering story has had around the world.

Volunteering helped me to open up. I now talk openly about suicide, childhood mental health, cancer, and bullying, just to name a few. Volunteering helped me to find a voice. That voice is now being used.

Pavilion on the Park has a special place in my heart, and whether you donate £1, £5, £10 (more if you want), it’ll go a long way! If you can’t, please do share my fundraising page!

Donate here





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