The moment I believed in myself

The moment someone gave me a chance, I started to believe. That moment was December 4th 2012.

I was hesitant  about giving my time to the community, as I didn’t really see the benefits. I was surrounded with negative thoughts from those I love about volunteering, so I assumed they were right.

My opinion changed when I gave back. It was the moment I first walked through the Pavilion on the Park doors I felt at home. I felt included. I felt loved. It made me want to go back. I kept going back. I’m now fundraising for them in January, 5 years after I first made contact with them.

It was the love they showed, the opportunity to learn, that made me start believing in myself. I remember going there to find out more about their Cycles4all project, and came out with the opportunity so share a love I had for table tennis.

The project was low on volunteers, and for whatever reason I agreed to help. I agreed to supervise the project. This moment told me to never judge the book by it’s cover. Volunteering isn’t their to waste your time, it’s their to change your life!


I can’t express to you the difference volunteering has made on my life. Volunteering may no longer be part of my life, but it’s still a love. It’s still a memory I’ll adore.

Volunteering helped me to find out who I was. Volunteering helped me to understand my path in life. The 1000’s of hours I gave to numerous hours didn’t just help me to help others, it helped me too!


I found my voice through volunteering. I found a new lease of life thanks to volunteering. I started to open up by volunteering.


I’m writing this blog, because volunteering gave me the confidence to share my story. Volunteering showed me every experience we have in life can be used as influence.

IMAG5362 (1).jpg

Volunteering was my influence. Hearing other people’s stories helped me to share mine. It’s what I’m doing now. I’m sharing my story to continue what was started. I’m sharing my story to highlight the importance of volunteering.

1 hour, 10 hours, 100 hours, it doesn’t matter how much you give, a single act of action can let someone know their not alone. A single act of action can make someone smile. It can make you smile too!



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