Sport was my therapy

Sport helped me. Sport saved me.

I didn’t want to go to school. I didn’t want to see them. I didn’t want to be singled out. I was John Sennett. I still am John Sennett.

I don’t know why they chose me, but they did. The verbal torment was horrific. I was left isolated. I felt alone.



That was until I played sport. Sport was the one thing that made me smile at school. It didn’t matter if I was on the bullies team or not, I was accepted. I had talent. I was good at various sports. They saw that. Well, I think so!

So why was it different in the classroom? Was it my build? Was it my goofy teeth?

As I grew up, it started to slow down. The impact of the bullies words and actions changed. The impact didn’t hurt so much. In year 10/11, we had choice on the sports we done for PE. This helped me to develop. It helped me to forget about everything else, and focus on the things I love.

Funny enough, the bullies focused on something else. I think the smile I had on my face turned their attentions to something else. I wasn’t their target anymore.


Sport made me happy. It helped me to continue. I was suicidal going at this point in my life. Sport was a major factor for me wanting to still be here. I loved feeling part of the team. I wasn’t alone. I had a voice. I could give my opinions.

This is part of the reason my 11 fundraising challenges in 2018 are sports related. Sport has always been my love. I’ve always loved putting on my sports clothing and either head to the field or the track. It gave me purpose. It still gives me purpose.


Sport was my therapy. When I was low, I knew I could turn to sports. It’s going to be the same in 2018. Well, a bit differently. Taking on these 11 challenges means I can share more about the reasons why I love sport and the impact it’s had on my life.

My childhood was dark, but sport was my light. I will always look back at the way it’s helped me develop, and will continue to share the mental, as well as physical benefits to exercise.


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