This isn’t all…

2018 is going to be exciting. It’s also going to be scary.

As each day passes, the biggest year of my life is edging closer. It’s not the only thing on my mind though.

I think it’s pretty obvious when I say I’m an ambitious individual. I like to do things people don’t dare to take on, and to defeat the unknown. I want to be the unknown. I want to be my own person, with my own way of doing things. 

I should be thinking about 2018. I am. But, I’m also thinking beyond it. I’m thinking about how I can top it. I’m thinking about how I can use my story for something even bigger.

My goal is to raise £1 million for charity. The £100,000 is only a tenth of what I want to achieve.

I want people to be helped. I want people to know they’re not alone. 

Sport helped me stay positive. Sport helped me to forget what was happening around me. Sport helped me feel part of something I loved.

It’s the same with sharing my story. I never feel alone. I never feel my experiences are things only I go through.

The 11 challenges next year will talk. They’ll also share. It’ll let me use my dark times as influential lights.

I want to think beyond the challenges. I want to think about what more I can do. I never stop. I always want more. I don’t want to help 1 person. I want to help 1000s of people. 

Over the next week, I’m going to talk about certain parts of my life, and how they’ve helped me with my journey. Starting tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’m talking about sport.

I’m talking about how sport helped me during times I was bullied. During times bullying left me wanting to end my life. 

It’s a big week coming up and an emotional one of that. 


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