Thinking about the bigger picture

The walk is more than just a fundraiser. It’s definitely much more than a 650 mile self-discovery journey.


Walking from my hometown of Southampton to Aberdeen will help others. It’ll help those in the Borough of Eastleigh and surrounding areas from the funds raised, and across the country, my story will provide a stepping stone for people to not only challenge themselves, but accept their story for what it is.

I walked through the doors of Pavilion on the Park in 2012 without any thought my life would change. I never thought I’d go into their building and come out with a new love.

That one moment has now taught me to never judge a book by it’s cover. It’s certainly taught me to never doubt who I am, the reasons I have for doing things or my ideas in general.

2018 isn’t about me, it’s about my story.

My story is the light. My story is my inspiration. Talking to myself repeatedly I understand it. I understand all the chapters in my life and how it’s grown. Looking at each experience, I see who I am. I feel who I am. I see the change in me, and the change in expression.

I was a miserable sod. I hated life. I hated myself. That’s certainly not me now! I love who I am. I love my story; even the bad parts. I love those moments, as I learned from them. I learned I’m not the only one with a story. I learned I’m not the only one who felt alone.


I’m not alone anymore. All of you have come together to support this journey I’m on, and some of you will relate. Some of you will relate to parts of my story, and that’s the bigger picture. The bigger picture is the story. The bigger picture is the message behind the story. The bigger picture is the purpose of my story.

The story is the bigger picture!

I’ll keep saying it… My story is the bigger picture!!

My story has brought people together. It’s helped people to understand who they are. 2018 is all about self-discovery. 2018 is all about helping you to understand who you are.

My challenges will share my personal stories, but it’ll be your decision how you use the message behind them. If you use them, it’ll be your choice. Life is about understanding our decisions. The decisions that can change our lives.


Once I told my story, I knew things would change. I’d change. The way I spoke about my life would change.

2018 will be a big year. I can plan as much as I want. Make as many contacts as I want. But in truth, I really don’t know what’ll happen.

Maybe, that will be another picture to create.


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