Things are becoming real

In 9 weeks time, the start of my walk begins.

With the goal to walk to Aberdeen starting on January 1st, and as I only have 8 weeks left of training, yesterday’s 24 mile walk hit me. Things are becoming real. It’s not long to go. Am I ready? Physically and mentally, am I prepared?


The 24 mile walk was a struggle. My legs were hurting. I didn’t think I was going to make it. The first 13 miles were fine. The next 3 miles were OK. Then, my mentality was tested. The final 8 miles took it’s toll. As each mile was walked, the harder it got. I’ve never walked this distance. It’s 2 miles short of a marathon!!

I kept going though. I HAD TO!! I had to prove to myself I was ready. I am ready. I’ve walked the route before. It’s hilly. Hills after hills. I knew it was going to be test, but also a route that’d show my progress.

Winchester is a beautiful place. I love walking from Southampton to the town. The hills inspire me. It helps me to see my progress. Once a hill has been reached, I’m on top (obviously). I want to feel on top of my walk. I need to stay mentally strong, even if I’m struggling mentally.


Training is now picking up. More 24 mile walks are planned. A full marathons route is also planned. I’m going to be walking like nothing I’ve done before. Miles and miles will keep testing me. This is what I need though. I need to step (no pun intended) out of my comfort zone.

January will bring more than just the test of walking. I don’t know what the weather will be like. I’ve walked in torrential rain. I’ll walk in snow if I have to. I will reach Aberdeen.

Whether a walk takes longer than planned.

Whether I need an extra hour in bed before I walk.

I will reach it. I will do what I’ve set out to do. Things will keep becoming real. Things will come as a shock. Others will have bee identified beforehand.


I’ll keep writing about my training, as I want to be honest. This isn’t going to be easy. This isn’t going to be a doddle. I’ll have to fight trough the pain. I’ll need messages of support at my breaking points to keep me moving.

It’s going to be test, but I know I can do this!

If you have a sofa I can stay on during my walk or would like to walk with me, please do get in contact. A full list of places I need help can be found here….



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