One chance. One take.

I can’t make mistakes. I can’t hold back. 2018 is fast approaching, and the pre-challenge mentality strengthening is in full swing. I need to stay strong. I need to stay positive. I have to. I don’t have more than one chance. I have 11 challenges; all different for many reasons, and if I fail, I fail…there’s no second chances.

When I walk, that’s it.

As I learn to swim, I can’t hold back.


I have to go with what’s in front of me. What happens if I don’t? Will this set me back in my challenges? Will my training be effected? The worry is I’ll overthink. The worry is my mental strength will be tested.

I want to be tested, and I know I will be throughout the 12 months. I know when I least expect it, something will appear. I’ll ask questions. I’ll ponder my options. But, the option has to be chosen correctly.

I don’t have a second chance. I don’t have a third chance. I have to succeed. I have to believe I will. I know I will.

I’ll learn more about myself on this new journey, and at times, I’ll be biting my nails trying to figure out what’s best. As long as I’m loving what I’m doing, helping others along the way, and my story is influencing more people to believe in their journey and to follow their goals, then I’m happy.

I’m really happy right now. Everything is falling into place nicely; my training is going well, mentally I feel strong, and the hunger to succeed is there.

9 1/2 weeks, until it all begins, and I might be nervous. I might believe I’m ready. January 1st will be the start. January 1st will be the highlight of my journey so far.

I will take 2018 as my one chance. I’ll also do it in one take.



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