I’m feeling good

I feel good. I feel REALLY good.

After my first swimming lesson at the weekend, I considered how my training has been so far. It’s about to pick up, so I’m expecting a few changes in my mind and body, but for now, I know I’m progressing. I know I feel good, as I’m smiling. I didn’t think I would when I set out to raise £100,000, but I am.

I’m smiling, because my past is helping me progress. My personal training days are helping me with my training. The stories behind the challenges are helping me to stay motivated. My entire journey in the charity sector inspires me every day, as with each step forward, someone is being helped.


My current training is helping me too. It’s helping me to understand who I am. It’s helping me to understand more about what I’m capable of, and how I like doing things.

Let me rephrase that…

I’m capable of anything!

I’ve learned to physically get through your challenge goals, your mind is your friend. In some aspects, I’ve been preparing my body physically for what’s ahead, but my mind has been working the most. It wasn’t my body that stopped me from learning to swim, it was my mind.

Getting in the pool a few minutes after arriving, it showed me I’m stronger than I believe. I’m MUCH STRONGER than I believe. I can still improve. I can still develop my mind-set.


To do that, I have to keep going. I feel good now, but something will hinder my mind and body. Something will make me question. But, I’ll question the question. Why will something hinder my year? Why will a day, an event or an activity slow me down? Is this part of the progress? Is this part of my road to raising £100,000?

All I can say is…

Let’s find out!!

I’m not holding back. I’m not giving up. I’ve got this. I feel good and I’ll continue to feel good.



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