I’m doing this for Flash

It’s been an overwhelming day…

I started to conquer my fear of water this lunchtime, and whilst watching Marley and Me this evening, the reason behind why I’m learning to swim hit me hard.

I don’t want to carry on with any fears. I want to use 2018 to my advantage, and overcome something I’ve always wanted to overcome.


Yet, 12 years ago, my four-legged best friend and brother, Flash, stopped me from committing suicide. Death was upon me then, and death was upon me at the age of 4, during a near drowning tragedy.

I’m combining the two. I’m using Flash’s heroic actions, as my way to overcome my drowning fear. I thought about him tonight. I thought about him at my swimming lesson. I thought about why I’m fundraising for an animal charity next July (swimming challenge and charity to be confirmed in December), and it’s to say thank you.

I want to say thank you. I need to say thank you. Flash saved my life. He kept me going. When I was down, his warm nature turned my frown upside down. I smiled at the end of today’s swimming lesson. Who would have thought that? Who would have thought I’d even consider taking on a swimming challenge?


The 11 challenges next year are opportunities. Opportunities to grow. Opportunities to learn. Opportunities to conquer. Add that to a story, and it’s a powerful message. An opportunity has a purpose. Learning with Wessex Swim School is a blessing in disguise. Not only will I learn to love water, I’ll be commemorating my best friend’s life by giving more people an opportunity to have a furry companion in their life.

Next week, I’ll share with you what happened in lesson 1, and if you haven’t already, give ‘No More Fears‘ blog post a read to find out more about why I’ve stayed away from the pool.



3 thoughts on “I’m doing this for Flash

  1. Dogs really are wonderful creatures. They certainly are heroes. I’m so sorry to hear about what you went through but I’m so glad that Flash was there. ❤ And yay for conquering your fear of water! x


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