21 marathons in 21 days

Here it is…

21 marathons in 21 days

April 2018

One catch…

I’ll be doing it using a wheelchair!!


Yep, that’s right!! In April 2018, I’ll be taking on 21 marathons in 21 days, in support of Chron’s and Colitis UK, and that’s not all! I’ll also be taking on a World Record Attempt!!


During the 21 days, I’ll be battling the physical exertion, whilst trying to stay mentally strong and positive. I’ll also be aiming to break a current world record by travelling the furthest distance in a wheelchair in an hour (my target is 30km) and raising £10,000 in the process! No pressure then!

More details about the challenge will be live next week, and in the near future I’ll be sharing more about the reason behind the challenge and how it’s affected my family’s life.



3 thoughts on “21 marathons in 21 days

  1. I was genuinely humbled to meet John and to learn of this incredible personal challenge. I think it’s so important to raise awareness of what is an incredibly debilitating condition and to do so through this act of solidarity makes this world record attempt all the more moving. We’re delighted to be supporting John undertake this challenge!


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