How your support impacts me

You really don’t know how much your support means to me. The online community have shown support day in, day out, and all I’m doing is sharing my story. All I’m doing is sharing what I love.

I don’t hide away from the truth in my posts. I’ve had some pretty shit times, but each experience has come up trumps. Each experience has more meaning behind it than the moment I felt, saw or heard. The experience hasn’t been the reason I’ve grown; it’s because of all of you I’m where I am.

IMAG5229 (1).jpg

Receiving a tweet, an email, a blog comment, let’s me know I’m doing alright. It let’s me know people relate. That’s all I want. All I want from my blog is knowing I’m helping others, yet you’re all helping me.

The moment I shared my mental health story, many of you reached out to check I was OK. People sent me messages, sharing their story. 

The moment I opened up about my mum’s cancer scare, so many of you messaged me, checking how I was. Many of you continued to check up on me. 

The moment I shared Flash had passed, so many of you checked in. So many of you were trying to help me stay positive, and you did. 

It’s an emotional experience when so many people support what you do. This past year, the support has taken a significant turn. I felt like a nobody when I started, I’m now somebody. I’m John Sennett. I’M JOHN SENNETT!!

Complete strangers support me. Strangers support me. But you’re not really strangers though, are you? You’re my family. You’re my friends. I’ve grown up with many of you, and yes, I might have lost my hair in the process, but I’ve learned to embrace the baldness. I’ve also learned to embrace my quirks. I’ve learned to love my traits. I’ve learned to love the way I look. I’ve learned to love my voice.


I might have lost many of my friends growing up, yet I’ve gained a community. I’ve gained a community with so many beautiful people, I know I’m never alone. I know when I’m down, someone will be there. I know when I want to celebrate, someone will have the apple juice to hand, waiting for me to get a sugar rush.

I’m on a rush (not from apple juice) knowing 2018 is so close. I know I’ll be feeling the love throughout the year, even if I’m slightly scared. I’m getting in water this weekend, and I know you’ll be there. I know you’ll be there in my heart and mind, and with every step closer to the pool, someone else will be helped. Someone will be helped, as I’m helped.

There’s also several announcements coming; challenges and also a talk. A talk so many of you have wanted. So many of you asked back in March (when I first shared my MH story) whether I’d be doing any more talks. Well this talk will be for you. This talk will see me open up about my personal story globally for the first time (hopefully LIVE!).

Logistics are being worked out, but in some way, you’ll be invited. You’ll be invited to celebrate our journey. You’ll be invited to see how your support has helped 10’s of thousands of people and communities around the world, by listening to the guy who at one point had no voice. The guy who had no confidence.

You’ll see the difference you’ve made. You’ll see the difference you’ve made in my life, as I stand proud. I’ll be standing proud, knowing I’ve never given up. I’ve never regretted decisions.

That’s all because of you. You’ve supported me through thick and thin, and it’s time to do something for you….

Keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks as tickets will be going live for my talk (in person) and details of how you can watch online (if we can get it to work) will also be shared.

Thank you again for everything!!


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