Carrying on, when family don’t believe

I’m motivated; highly motivated in fact. You all know I’m ready for my upcoming challenges, but what happens when people don’t believe? What happens when some of those people are members of your family?

Do I carry on? Do I let their opinions get to me? Do I use it for extra motivation?

Having support from my family has always meant everything. Support will be needed in 2018, but what if it isn’t? Do I let myself down? Do I take it to heart and quit? I can’t! I won’t! For so long, I’ve had doubters; family and outsiders, and yet I carried on, and done what was best for me.


I know my plans. I know how I want to create them. I know how I want to deliver them. Sometimes people don’t understand. Sometimes that’s alright. Sometimes it’s not. I’m taking on 11 challenges in 2018, as I want to do more. I want to do more with my story, and whether I have the support or not, it’ll happen. It’ll be a success.

“John, you’re an idiot for doing this!” “John, it’s impossible!”

People said this about my world record plans, yet they happened. It was a local community initiative turned national event. These were my plans. I don’t settle for small ideas, I settle for life-changing moments.

2018 isn’t just a life-changing moment. Collectively, it’s a life-changing year, filled with magical moments of self-discovery and plans, that’ll set the bar higher in life.

I walk because I love walking.

I’m learning to swim, as I don’t want to doubt myself.

I will continue breaking world records, as 1 action could inspire many.


If I don’t believe in myself, who will. There’s no point in my ideas, if I don’t believe in them. I believe in them. I more than believe in them. I believe too my family are not my barrier. It’s their choice if they support my plans or not, but my plans are my plans, as I want to do my best at something I love.

I have ideas. I have ideas how to action those ideas, and I’m going with them. The past few years, as others have doubted, I’ve learned to develop, you must find yourself. I found myself in my belief. The belief I had when no-one else believed has gotten me to where I am today. I’m where I am, as I believe. I’m planning a monstrous year ahead, as I believe.


My family are my family. I’ll always love them, but I’m my #1 priority. I’m the most important thing in the plans, and I won’t slip. I won’t let their opinions impact my training. I won’t let their opinions change my plans. I won’t let their opinions impact my mind.

I’m carrying on, as the road to raising £100,000 is in sight, and I’m ready to take the first steps.





One thought on “Carrying on, when family don’t believe

  1. I wish i was like you. My parents aren’t supportive of my career choice to become a counsellor and my mental health campaigning work and when i go and talk about it in the media all i hear is mental health is best kept out of the public eye, you shouldn’t share details of your personal life on National TV and it honestly is horrible when my parents should be the people cheering me on, guiding and supporting me. It really knocks me down which leads me to question myself all the time.


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