Being honest with myself

I’ve been hit and miss on here recently; the same with social media. It’s not like me at all. I’m normally glued to my phone, coming up with ideas for blog posts and translating my feelings to the screen.

Things have changed. I’m changing. I’m needing more time to rest. Some days, I have a block. Is this part of the year ahead? Are my priorities changing?


It’s a lot of work, my 2018 plans. I have around 10 weeks before I hit the road for my first challenge, yet I’m trying to get as much done as possible. Most days, I don’t focus on one challenge. I’m multi-tasking throughout the day, as any progress is progress.

Things might be a tad slow in some retrospect, other plans are booming. I’m doing what I can though. I’m doing my best. I’m trying.

£100,000 isn’t just any old number. It’s a statement. I want my story to make a difference…a BIG DIFFERENCE! I want my heartache to be motivation. I want my stories to result in action.

One step is one step. A step forward is a step forward. One step backwards is another door opening. My mind is everywhere. January, February, now I’m focusing on May. One day isn’t the same as another. The way I feel one day is different to the next. One day I want to stay in bed. Another I’m buzzing and emails are flying all over the place.

I’m continuing. Despite some doubts, I can see the success. When I feel down, I accept it. When plan a doesn’t work, I accept it. Part of this planning is making quick decisions. I don’t have loads of time to waste. I don’t have the option to throw days away. One day won’t hurt though? One afternoon off is OK, right?


Being honest with myself is hard. I’m a grafter. I put in the hours, so 2018 will be easier on me. Plans can’t be put in place a week before. Plans are being created for the entire year.

Is planning for May too early? Is trying to find places to stay in January too late? I’m going with the moment. I’m seeing how I am when I wake up. I’m accepting how I feel after a walk or a gym session.

Meeting there, meeting here. The way I present my plans are me being me. I have big plans, but the process is simple. I’m simple. I have simple life outlooks and motivations, and I use them. I use them to keep my plans authentic.


£100,000 will change lives. The challenges will change my life. I have to stay honest. I have to do what’s best for me; Monday, Tuesday, January, February, when is irrelevant, but how I feel does.

Things are happening quick, and daily blogs are back. I’m back. I’m here, ready to share my life with you all.


One thought on “Being honest with myself

  1. £100,000 is a BIG statement! I wish you all the best in your challenge. 🙂 And you take the time you need to recharge your batteries. You don’t want to burn out. x


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