The past is my present and future

Some people leave their past in the past. Isn’t that where it belongs? Maybe, for some, but for me it’s my influence. My past is my motivation. My past is my story. The story I tell new people. The story I share on here.

My blog wouldn’t be the same. The content wouldn’t be the same.

I love sharing my story. I love remembering my past. Weirdly, I love feeling the emotions I once experienced. I’ve grown up. The way I feel about my experiences have changed. The way I use them has changed.


That’s why my past is my present and future. Every time I share a previous experience, it becomes relevant. It’s relevant at the time as the discussion is needed. The discussion of previous experience has a purpose when you need it to. You might see, hear or feel something, and what you might have gone through in the past, might have a need to re-appear.

2018 will remind me a lot of past experiences. 2018 is a scrapbook of my memories.

2018 will give my past a purpose. A purpose to raise awareness. Awareness surrounding taboos. Taboos creating stereotypes. Stereotypes that we’re all the same.

We’re not though. Bullying affects each of us in different ways. Family illnesses affect each of us in different ways. Life affects us in different ways.

It’s the same for how we share the past. For me, I love writing. I love writing about my past, as it motivates my current and future actions. I love thinking about what I’ve gone through, as it gives me direction. Knowing what I want to do with my past happens in the moment. When I have a feeling it’s time to use my past, I use it.


2018 is my time to use it. It might also be the time to share something else. You’ll find out soon what it is…



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