Now is the moment

When I shared with you yesterday, the idea behind my 2018 fundraising year, I never thought I’d be typing this post, knowing after a bit of research this morning, a single challenge could set 5 world records. 5 WORLD RECORDS!!!

2018 is all about pushing myself further than I’ve done previously. I want to stand tall on January 1st, look ahead, and know what a life-changing year it’ll be. It’s going to change my life, 2018, as I’ll be doing more to help others than I’ve ever done before, and it will come at a price.

Physically and mentally I’ll be exhausted, but if people are helped, I’m all for it. Every step, every spin on the bike, every weight lifted; the thought of using sport to help others to share their stories ignites my passion.


Sport helped me to get through some rough periods in life, and yet the moment I was told I wouldn’t be able to compete again, has now been pushed to one side, as I put my heart at the front of my ambitions.

Things are coming together nicely at John Sennett HQ, and the right contacts are being made. More contacts will be made on the road, and it excites me. It excites me knowing 2018 has no limitations. 2018 is my year of freedom, as I let my actions do the talking.

Now REALLY is the moment…


My story has been heard. It’s been used around the world. Now it’s time to action my experiences. It’s time to bring my entire journey together for a year of story-telling.

January – The start of my volunteering journey

February – Bullying

March – Chron’s Disease

April – Young Person’s Mental Health

May – Cancer

June – Off

July – Animals

August – Drowning

September – School

October – TBC

November – TBC

December – TBC

The above are my plans. The life experiences I’ll be talking about. Can you see how they link up? Remember the stories behind them? I do! Sometimes a bit too well!!

They do scare me. I am petrified of opening myself up once more (especially the drowning experience), but I need to. I have to! I can’t keep my feelings to myself any longer.

That’s why now is my moment. I’m ready to fully embrace every experience I’ve been through and use them for greater good.


Want to hear more about my life experiences? Want to know more about my challenge ideas? Maybe you want to partner or sponsor them? Feel free to contact me here.


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