Why 11 challenges?? Why £100,000?

I want to explain. I want to break down my plans, and share with you the meaning behind them.

I got bored one day, and wondered what the next day would bring? I’m not someone who likes to sit behind a desk or wants a 9 – 5 job.

I want to explore. I want to see the world. I want to see the UK.

I want to self-discover. I want to self-love. I want to live without regret.

2018 is my opportunity to be me. I don’t like doing things the easy way, as I hate having a comfort zone. I want to be tested over and over again, learn new things and share what happens along the way.

I don’t have anything to share when I sit down. I won’t have anything new to share if I keep doing what I know. I don’t want to be John Sennett. I want to be JOHN SENNETT!!


I want to use my ‘signature’ pose every day of 2018 to show my self-love, self-respect and self-understanding. I want to keep finding new loves and hates, and use each of them to help someone else. An arm in the air lets me know I’ve done good. It let’s me know I’m happy. It tells me I’ve either done what I wanted or more.

2018 will come with fails. It’ll also come with highs. Probably a lot of emotions. As long as others are helped, I’m happy.

I’m a simple guy with big ambitions. I don’t like doing things in small ways, as I have much more to give. I have the energy to succeed. I have the hunger and drive to excel.


I want the most out of my 2018. Every year, more of my personal story has been told and used. The moment I open up, a rambler of experiences shows himself. I ramble a lot about life. I ramble about my experiences. I ramble on about what I want.

But…with good intentions!!!

2018 has a purpose to help others with their stories. 2018 has a goal to use one man’s journey to showcase self-persistence. Only I will make 2018 happen. Only I will make it to the finish line, proud of the actions from the start line to the home-straight.

11 challenges will share dark moments.

11 challenges will break my emotions, as I think about the moments once more.

11 challenges will bring new excitement.

11 challenges will educate me on how to create change.

Each challenge has a different purpose. A purpose created by an experience that once made me feel small. I’m 6’1, I’m not small!! I’m a big guy with a big heart, wanting to do big things!

£100,000 will be tough.

£100,000 will break my mind and body.

£100,000 is my focus.

£100,000 is my end goal.

It’s achievable. It’s achievable if I let my experiences speak for themselves. I will get there. I will get there, as I’m fed up of people doubting. I’m fed up of people doubting me and others. If someone believes something is possible, then it is. Support them, embrace them, achieve it with them.


That’s my 2018 summed up…well, it’s not, you’ll just have to come back tomorrow to find out more 🙂


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