The challenge of training for something new

Am I an endurance athlete? No.

Am I a long distance walker? No.

Do I like walking? Yes.

That was my starting point. The starting point to my training was knowing I like to walk. The rest is new to me.

The training, the planning, the mentality building; I’m out of my depth, but it hasn’t stopped me from giving it a try.


I relish new opportunities and training for this long-distance walk, I’ve learned new ways to help others, tell my story and work with like-minded individuals, groups and brands.

The training is opening my mind to new things and yet, I still have doubts. I have doubts as it’s a complete change. A change in my mind and body, on top of the life changes.

It’s rare for me to now have a full day at home, with things picking up with the start of 2018 looming. Meetings, graphics, proposals (brand collaborations), walks, gym and challenge planning are all part of my weekly routine.

A weekly routine packed with activity and together, it’ll be the outcome. The outcome that’ll turn this challenging year into one of the best experiences of my life.

Yes, I’ll struggle.

Yes, there’ll be days I want to quit.

Yes, there’ll be days I question what I’m doing.



That’s part of the experience.

Training is part of the experience. The down days are part of the experience and that’s OK. It’s OK for me to worry. It’s OK for me to question. A challenge is only a challenge at first…the rest is education.


Education for something new.

Education for something exciting.

Education for something life-changing.




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