It’s make or break…

This is all I have. This is all I now know. I can’t fail! I can’t hold back! I WON’T HOLD BACK!

The moment I walk my first step, that’s it!! My new life begins and things change. My focus changes. The way I tell my story will change. The way I work with brands will change.

675 miles is no mean feat, and will challenge who I am to breaking point. I’ll be tested in ways I’ve never faced, but with every step, every hour, every day, I’ll be learning. I’ll learn how to cope. I’ll learn how to break down these new barriers. I’ll learn how to navigate.

I’ll be navigating myself into unknown territory. Unknown territory that’ll be a significant factor into either making my year memorable or breaking it even before it begins. Something’s going to happen. I don’t know what, but something will.

It truly is my make or break year…

A year I don’t know the outcome. A year I don’t know how my blog will run, but I’ll make it work. I’ll make it work the best way suited for my challenges and for me, and I’ll put my heart into it.

I put my heart into everything I do, and the challenges will test how much love I have for helping others and using my story for good. The challenges will make me think. They’ll make me consider. They’ll make me grind day in, day out, so I can finish what I start.


My finish line isn’t January 30th, when I reach Aberdeen. My finish line is December 31st. December 31st will be the day I look back at the challenges, and the reaction will say it all. The reaction I have on December 31st will either be full of of smiles or tears; maybe happy tears. The tears will look back at what the year held, and I hope it sees me feeling proud at raising £100,000! I hope it sees me wanting to do more. I hope it sees me in a good position in life, and a position I can continue to grow.

The only way that’ll happen is if I believe. I need to believe in myself. I need to know a single moment of despair, doesn’t define me, I DO! I define who I am!

I can question who I am, why I’m taking on these challenges, and doubt my capabilities, but it’s part of the entire process. The process of my fundraising year is accepting how I feel and learning what to do with it. I went to bed last night, not believing in my capabilities. I didn’t believe I was ready. I believed 3 months was too soon. Am I ready? Am I mentally and physically capable?


The only way I’ll know is getting on with it. I want to get on with things, so when I look back in a few days time, I understand why I had doubts. I want to look back knowing it was ok to feel how I was feeling, as I now I have new ammo to motivate my year ahead.

We have a make or break situation whenever our lives are about to change (or could change), but we have the opportunity to do something special with it.

I think for now, that something special will remain secret…



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