Bringing up distant memories

I wish I didn’t think about them. I wish the past stayed in the past, but they can’t.

My past is the present and future.

The stories I experienced all have a purpose. A purpose to help. A purpose to raise awareness. A purpose to unite.

I learned to open up the moment I noticed the impact. Those I spoke to related to my feelings; others wanted to know more.



People wanted to hear my stories, so they could learn. They would sit and listen to someone so open, the feelings I shared were felt.

Feelings are relatable, even when you haven’t experienced them.

We have the opportunity to educate one another. We have the opportunity to learn.

Growth happens when there’s a gap. My gap is my fundraising. My fundraising goals are a collection of my past memories. Memories that’ll create change.

Change in the mind.

Change in the body.

The only non-change is the heart.

My heart will be the tool to ending 2018 on a high.



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