Am I good enough?

When I’m on the open road with my headphones blaring my latest favourite tunes, what do I think?

Am I good enough?

Am I really good enough to achieve what I’ve set out to do? Am I really capable of walking 675 miles, then a month later to take on another challenge (to be announced very soon) and continue doing so for the entire year?


Do I really have it in me? Do I really have the determination to continue even when my mind and body are broken, and a lack of energy appears. Do I really have it in me?


When I look in the mirror I see John Sennett. I see John Sennett, a guy who has constantly battled with darkness and whatever life throws at him, and takes it on. He takes it on with significant force, breaking down the barriers each and every time. John Sennett doesn’t hold back. John Sennett doesn’t stop and think about the possible failure…

John Sennett thinks about the success!!

The success that’s taken with each step forward, and if the step has to be to the side or backwards, he accepts it. John Sennett knows to move forwards, steps back always have to happen. The steps back are the learning curves. The learning curves when life gets real, and an understanding into who he is has to happen once more.


I’m a fighter. I’m a hungry fighter. I’m a hungry man wanting to do the most he can for this world, and the barriers in front only appear when I doubt that. The moments of self-doubt come every so often, normally when I least expect it, but what is a day off? What is a day off when there’s 6 more days in the week to help others? To support others? To inspire others?

I don’t look for success, it finds me! Success finds me when a story is needing to be told. My mum’s cancer scare happened, and I shared the other side of the experience, and people reacted. People needed to know what happens. People wanted to know how I was feeling.

Feelings are a gift. Accepting your emotions give your actions purpose. Every purpose has an outcome and imagine if that was seeing someone’s life change.

My life will change (also) again and again over the course of the next year, as I open up about various stories. Stories that have taken me to the brink of suicide and has left me wanting no more.


Every day, I’m thinking about how I can help others. I’m thinking about if I look in the mirror one day to be disgusted by who I am or feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, do I run for the hills? Do I run away from the situation or do I learn from it?


I learn how to put my emotions on this screen, and people relate. People relate when others struggle, as real life is REAL LIFE. Real life makes us think about who we are and whether we’re good enough and I AM!!!


I’m more than the person I am now and I will find it. I will hunt for it and I’ll conquer it. I will find ways to help others, and when I look back at moments of self-doubt, I’ll hold my head up high and say…

I did self-doubt. I didn’t love who I am then, but I’ve learned. I’ve learned to love my traits and flaws, and I know that as each day passes, I’ll look in the mirror once more being proud of what I’ve done with it and how the moment of self-doubt has become my source of inspiration.



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