The exciting unknown

Change is good. Adapting is great. The unknown is even better.

Unexpected moments are happening as we speak, and I’m getting excited. I’m excited knowing this week a big meeting had an even BIGGER outcome, and the thought of the unknown once again floated into my brain and made me consider what may happen.


What will happen in 2018? We know I’ll be taking on some tough challenges, but what will the outcome be? £100,000? £125,000? £250,000??? We won’t know the outcome until the challenges finish, but in some way, the challenges have already started. The challenges have started in the form of training, meetings and collaborative proposals.

Proposals are something I never considered, but the challenges won’t happen on their own. Brand collaborations are being discussed, and the thought of not knowing the outcome, is bringing more and more ideas to mind.

How can I get people involved in the challenges? What challenges will I choose to take on? A single moment can open the mind to ideas, and January to May are nearly complete. The thoughts are there, but the final idea needs to be confirmed . Will I walk? Will I cycle? Will I swim?

2018’s focus is my story, yet it’ll take me out of my comfort zone. I’ll be talking about things I haven’t talked about, taking on challenges I never dreamt of taking on, and working with education establishments, the press and many more avenues to amplify the message that a single moment can be told. A single moment is a story.


The story of John Sennett will become the hub of documenting each day as it happens, and the thought of giving you a glimpse of what I’ll be facing is giving me more motivation to take on the unknown. The unknown appeared when I first volunteered, when I started John’s Road to Volunteering, and will also make an appearance on January 1st, when I stand tall in Southampton and walk to Aberdeen.

Are you ready for the unknown? Because I am, and I’m loving finding out what it is!




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