Influential life experiences

Every action has an outcome.

Every experience is influential.

People respond and will action their thoughts.



600 mile walk, wheelchair marathons (*SPOILER*), 100,000kg workout…

Someone will be inspired.

People will react.

Stories will be heard.


Every challenge being planned is much more than just a ‘challenge’. They have purpose; collectively and individually. I’ll be telling stories I’m yet to tell. I’ll be using them to motivate me when I want to give up.

I’m going to break. I’m going to break mentally, when all the light disappears. I’m going to break physically, when my legs no longer want to move. I’ll be battling myself day after day to make this work. IT WILL WORK!!!

I’ll accept what’s going to happen. If I need more sleep one day, I’ll sleep the extra hour or two. If I need to stop and give my legs a rest, I’ll sit/lie down and will shake off the lactic acid.


I’ll learn. I’ll learn what it feels like to want to give up. I’ll learn how to take back control of the mind when it takes a detour. I’ll learn what it feels like to have little energy, yet still power through, as I want to finish off what I started.

I plan to succeed. I plan to inspire. I plan to influence.


Every challenge will tell you about some sort of struggle I’ve been through. I’ll enter back into these moments mentally to tell you a story. I’ll learn how to tell you them, and what they mean to me.

  • My first volunteering opportunity set things up. It helped me to know my first steps, and how I wanted to use my story.
  • The bullies verbally abused me, but I now have a voice. A powerful one of that.
  • The unknown feeling of seeing your sister paralyzed due to having a stroke, but learning I have an opportunity to share with you a number of medical conditions.
  • The darkness that filled my mind with unthinkable thoughts, that’s now given me a way to let people know it’s OK not to be OK.
  • The ‘C’ word, constantly coming into my life in some way, never defeating my passion to sharing the behind the scenes of the devil that is cancer.

I won’t be defeated. I won’t let life experiences swallow me up, stopping me from helping others with their experiences. There’s an opportunity for me to tell. An opportunity for me to share my entire life. An entire life filled with mixed emotions and experiences, some I haven’t even started to understand.


I will understand. I’ll tell my untold stories to learn more about them. I’ll begin to understand and will then be able to put the experiences into blog posts. I want to be open. I want to be honest. Life can be cruel, but so can we!! We can stand up to what happens in life, and use it as a powerful message.



I will help others. I will go on the journey in front of me to find out how to help. I will learn more about who I am, and what each life experience means, helping me to become a better person.


This is what I live for.


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