Using my feelings for good

I couldn’t sit there anymore; keeping things to myself. I couldn’t let my feelings get me down anymore, so I went out and done something about it. I went and shared my feelings…

Feelings have always been a mystery to me. I’ve felt down and on a high at random moments, not understanding why, yet that’s part of parcel of being a human. Feelings will come at unexpected times, they’ll test us and then what? What comes after the test?

What do we do with our feelings?

How do we share them?

What will it accomplish?

That’s where I’ve been. I’ve been letting my feelings take it’s course. Mum’s cancer scare now looks unlikely, but it comes with a lot of emotional stress. Stress I didn’t want. Stress I didn’t need. But it appeared.

What are you meant to do? Let it get you down?


Use it! Use the emotions for something much bigger. Use the emotions to express yourself. To understand yourself. To get through it. To go beyond it.

Feelings will only stay if you let them. Feelings can be controlled. You can be controlled. That’s your action. Only you can make that happen. SO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!


I will not let a cancer scare knock me down. I will stand up strong like I’ve done for some time, and will accept it. I will accept unexpected moments will appear, but it won’t stop me. It won’t stop me from sharing. It just gives me more to share.

Sharing comes from the heart. I have control of my actions, and those actions come from deep within. My heart might be a soppy sod, but it has purpose. Hearts have purpose. They have a purpose to tell a story.  They have a purpose to feel and experience. That’s a story.

A story is an experience we live. An experience that can be unexpected or planned, but can still have the same outcome. The outcome is what we make of it. The outcome for me is to use it to help others.

Receiving heartfelt messages from people I don’t know about how they relate to my experiences tells me much more than I know. The messages tell me experiences are there to be shared, and people are there to be helped.

Some people are extroverts. Others are introverts. I’m definitely an extrovert. I can be loud. I can be expressive. I can be strong-minded. It pushes me further. Learning to express myself has given me this platform.

A platform to help others. A platform to type my thoughts onto screen. This actually helps. This helps me to understand every experience I’ve been through. Typing helps me to understand how I can help others. I love typing. I love blogging. I love story-telling.



Sitting here, typing away, letting my feelings speak for themselves. They let people know they’re not alone and they also let me know it’s OK.

My feelings have told me it’s OK to be open. It’s OK to accept what I’ve been through. It’s OK to not want it to be a bad experience no longer, and to turn it into something positive.

Positive outlooks is my focus this weekend, with you all understanding a bit more about who I am and why I’m fundraising £100,000 for various charities.

Until then, have a good weekend and like always…thank you all for reading my content!


One thought on “Using my feelings for good

  1. John, you are so strong. I’m not sure i could be doing what you are doing. You are such a inspiration to so many people. I really hope things start to look up for you. I know a cancer scare can be so emotionally draining and i am so glad you are letting your feelings out. It always helps when you can just release the pressure of keeping it in. Again, brilliant post.


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