Live the unexpected life

How do you know the life you’re meant to live? Are you ‘meant’ to live a certain way? What is the way?

The way is what you want. The way is how you want it. The way is your way.

“The way leads to an

unexpected life”

Every twist and turn, every straight road, every mountain top, we find the way.

We find the way that works for us, and we learn. We learn what we like and dislike and how we like doing them.

Self-education helps us to identify the road, leading to a life of freedom. A life of freedom; the result of our decisions. The decisions that help to define our way. The decisions that help to shine the light on our path, leading us to a life of freedom.


Freedom comes with self-belief. Freedom comes with adventure in sight. Adventure comes from the hunger within. The hunger I have is to see, experience and share. I want to share where I go. I want to share what I feel. I want to share what I experience.

I want you all to be on this journey with me, as I experience the unexpected life. The unexpected life is a result of my passions, my goals and my experiences. My past experiences have lead me to blogging, and volunteering amplified my passion for sharing my story. I never knew this. I never knew blogging would be my future, but when I started to share, I knew this was the unexpected life.


Blogging gives me freedom. The freedom to share my adventures. That’s what I want. I want freedom. I want to be able to share my story in ways that best suit me. To use social media platforms that help me to share my story in a way that best represents who I am. Instagram stories is the next avenue. Instagram stories will help me to share my story more visually.

You need to try new things to understand your unexpected life, and what it means to you. The unexpected life is different for all of us, and it’s beautiful. Living your unexpected life shows off diversity in it’s true colours and helps each person’s story to stay unique.

Maybe, it’s time to share your unexpected life…


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