Staying strong for my Mum

What do you do when your mum breaks down in your arms?

What do you do when your mum doesn’t want to go to hospital?

How are you meant to feel?


I hate having to run to my room to cry, but it needs to be done. I need to stay strong. I need to stay strong around my mum. I need to keep her going. I need to do what I need to do. Shopping, washing, cleaning up, cooking; all part of what I’m doing. This isn’t me, but I love her. I want her here. I want her here for many more years.

Any illness is tough to go through, and the uncertainty doesn’t help. The fear in my mum’s eyes tells me everything. She wants to be here. Regardless if the consultant thinks “it’s most likely Cancer”. There’s no definite. She’s still fighting. She’s still trying to smile. The CT scan next week will tell us more. We all want to know. This is tough on all of us.


Last time, I was only 11. I’m now 25. I’m much stronger. I’m now in a good place mentally. I’m ready to take on Cancer (if that’s what it is) with my mum. I’ll hold her hand again in the waiting room (I couldn’t feel my hand afterwards) if I need to. I’ll cook for her to keep her energy levels up. I’ll shop for her to make sure she rests.

Cancer isn’t just a disease that effects one person, it effects everyone. The love in our family has grown. Our family is uniting stronger than I’ve ever seen. For what?

The person who has kept this family going; MY MUM!!!

My mum has us all by her side. She has her friends by her side. She has the entire community behind her. We will fight this. We will defeat Cancer (if it’s confirmed) again. I will not let it take the one person I look up to. The community hero I admire. The woman who has always been there for me, even when I was a little sod.

It’s time to act up. It’s time to be who I am. It’s time to use my entire development in this journey and stay strong. I will cry. I know I will. I will blubber like a baby, but that emotion will be used as fuel.

IMAG4579 (1).jpg

Fuel to keep her going.Fuel to keep me going. Fuel to keep my family going and staying strong.





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