Carrying on in uncertain times

What do I say? How do I say what I feel? My family are scared. I’m scared.

Lying there daydreaming, my phone lit up. A random phone call from my mum started with, “John, don’t worry!”.

She’s not well. REALLY UNWELL! Her skin’s gone yellow, her eyes too. The ‘C’ word is floating around…

Could it be CANCER?

Is this another Cancer fight? Are the Sennett family about to come together once again? Will she beat it again?


Our lives haven’t stopped though. Tests might be happening next week to determine if it is Cancer, but as a family, we’re trying to carry on. We want normality. We need normality. Thinking makes it worse.

But…that’s all I do. I think the worst. I think about outcomes. The moment I got home (the day after the call) I ran into my mum’s arms and broke down.

I can’t lose her!! I won’t lose her!

I need her! She’s my rock. She’s my hero!

We’ve beaten it before and we’ll beat it again!


I’ll be there. My presence will be known (not talking about my epic cooking skills here).

Monday will help things to become clearer. Hopefully it’ll put our worries to bed. Is it Cancer or not? All we know is Jaundice is present (yellowing of the skin and eyes) and our love for our mum is stronger.

I’ll keep you all updated and many thanks for all the supportive messages.



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