The visual motivation behind my adventures

The more and more I explore, the more I realise why I do what I do. As each progression developed in my life, I started to have a hunger for travel.


I wanted to see what was around me; within walking distance and by public transport. I wanted to see the stunning locations across the south of England and to capture it. Capturing the moments gave me a sense of freedom. A sense of purpose.


Feeling more alive than ever, I started to explore week in, week out, with different cities being visited and it made me understand what I want from life.

I want to see. I want to hear. I want to experience.

The experience brings an adrenaline rush to get out there and see. The want to get out there motivated me to take this new path and to see what I could do with it.

As each door closes, another opens, but this time, an entire world has been opened. A world I want to put myself in and a world I want remember.


I want to look back and to remember what I’ve done. I want to look back, see the pictures I’ve taken and to tell the story behind them. The story is what makes an adventure what it is.

I’ve climbed hills, travelled hours on buses, for what? To live? To experience? No…to create memories!!

The memories motivate me to get out of bed, and motivate my decisions in life.


I’ve only just started this new venture, but I’m already excited to add more pictures to my library and to create an album I can say represents John Sennett.

That’s the beauty of being outside…You have the time to find who you truly are!

St Catherine's Hill

Note: Some pictures have been used previously on John’s Road to Volunteering


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