1.996km swim

21 years…

I’ve had a fear of water…

1 birthday party…

A near-drowning experience….


I was 4! I was only 4 when my fear of water begun. I was on top of a float, and a fellow pupil pushed me off my float, and that was it. That was the moment this journey had started.

Knowing this year is a really important year for me to use my story for good, I decided to really take myself out of my comfort zone and to get into the pool. I decided it was time to become the unknown; not to fear it.


Teaming up with Wessex Swim School, I’m currently taking lessons to not only conquer my fear, but to…

Swim 100 lengths

Raising funds for Guide Dogs

In memory of my best friend and brother, Flash.

Flash blog.jpg

Flash was there for me at my lowest point in life, and losing him still hurts me to this day. He was there for me with a smile that changed my life, and stopped me from committing suicide.

Because of him, I am now raising funds for their Name a Puppy scheme, run by Guide Dogs, which’ll see me name another dog, Flash, so his legacy will affect the life of someone living with a visual impairment.

More details about the fundraiser will be live soon.


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